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Add Reflection To Your Learning Experiences with AI

Riff supports learning by enhancing group discussions and promoting individual reflection outside of the classroom.

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Riff off your initial reflection

So, how is Riff similar to or different from the star of the moment, ChatGPT? By turning the table on the human-bot interaction.

While chatbots powered by generative AI are typically designed to answer questions and perform tasks, Riff focuses on asking learners thought-provoking questions to deepen their reflection process.

Most chatbots rely on users to ask questions or provide prompts, whereas Riff initiates the conversation by asking users personalized questions based on their initial input. Try the learner perspective here.

Riff aims to augment individual reflection and improve learners' self-awareness.
For Educators

No-code solution to build your own reflection bots

Enhance your teaching methods and support students' learning and growth by leveraging the power of your own AI-powered reflection bots.

Riff's personalized and conversational approach encourages students to delve deeper into their reflections, providing educators with an invaluable source of feedback on their students' learning experiences.

By incorporating Riff into their teaching practice, educators can encourage students to develop a habit of independent reflection, enhancing their self-awareness and critical thinking skills.

Riff's upcoming AI-mediated synthesis feature will allow educators to analyze and evaluate students' reflections collectively and longitudinally, helping them assess learning goals, track progress, and identify new learning outcomes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Riff is an AI-powered chatbot designed to enhance the reflection process for learners. By dynamically generating personalized questions based on users' initial input, Riff helps individuals explore their experiences more deeply and effectively.

Riff can help learners by facilitating a deeper exploration of their experiences through personalized, thought-provoking questions generated by AI. This process not only strengthens their reflective skills but also promotes self-awareness and critical thinking, ultimately contributing to their personal growth and learning outcomes.

Riff can help educators by encouraging deeper reflections, facilitating group discussions, providing valuable feedback, promoting independent reflection, enabling data-driven analysis, and offering customization options.

You can request educator access by visiting the provided link and filling out the necessary information. Early access includes the ability to customize your Riff bot and real-time access to your learners' reflections.

Riff captures the text conversations between users and the chatbot, which can be accessed by educators, who can choose to let their students stay anonymous or provide a name. These data is used to provide valuable feedback on students’ learning experiences.

Riff is designed with safety and privacy in mind, ensuring that user information can remain anonymous. As with any AI technology, it is essential to establish proper guardrails to protect learners and maintain a transparent pedagogical approach.